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Haseem Jamaal McLean


  • Born July 26th 1987 

  • 3x international medalist

14x National Champion 

  • 23x National Medalist

  • With top 5 finishes at the Pan AM Championships,

  • C.A.C. games and Commonwealth Games.

  • Top 10 finish at  World cup event 

Haseem got into cycling at the tender age of 4 when his dad went to the grocery store to do Christmas shopping. He jumped onto one of the bikes on display and would not get off until his father told him he would buy the bike.
Once at home, he immediately learned to ride with no training wheels in about 45 mins. 
Haseem tried other sports in between, namely cricket, karate and football but always ended up getting back in the saddle.
 At 17 he made his first training stint outside of Trinidad and Tobago where he spent three (3) months in Germany preparing for Junior  Pan American cycling championships. Although only managing to place 8th at the Junior Panams, it was then and there he decided to pursue cycling as a profession.


Haseem went on to represent Trinidad and Tobago in numerous  Pan American cycling championships, as well as C.A.C games 2006 and 2010 and the Commonwealth Games 2010, coming away with 5th place finishes in various events. He also holds an impressive 23 national championship medals and is a 10 time national championship title holder. Seven (7) of these were from his pet event, the Kierin, which he won in '05, '06, '08, '09, '10, '12, '13 and'18. These wins made him the most consistent cyclist at the National level to date. Additionally he was ranked five (5) times in the top 100 World rankings, and  international medals - silver and bronze from the 2011 Alba Games in Venezuela and a silver from the Copa del Cuba in 2013.


In 2014, Haseem was working on qualifying for the 2016 Olympics when he unfortunately suffered a debilitating knee injury. This forced him off the track for 2 years. As such, he opted to work on another personal craft, Personal Training for which he had held an interest in for some time. He qualified and became a C.E.S. (Corrective Exercise Specialist) and a P.E.S.( Performance Enhancement Specialist) also earning a certificate in basic Swedish Massage and a level 1 in T.R.X. training. Haseem continues to train athletes and other individuals in the area of corrective exercise and performance enhancement. More on him can be found on the Facebook page 



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