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Who We Are

Established in 2014, ICOD is a global consultancy firm providing services in the following areas: Peace and conflict studies, mediation, restorative practices, and restorative justice. Its associated consultants are highly trained in areas including, but not limited to monitoring and evaluation, leadership development, criminal justice and juvenile justice reform.

The firm is led by the Director Dr. Dianne Williams.

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Director's Bio

Dr.  Dianne Williams is a Criminologist and Consultant. She has earned a Ph.D., an MBA and an MSc, and has done additional coursework at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, the International Institute for Restorative Practices as well as the National Defense University William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies.  She is a Clinically Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, a Certified Sentence Mitigation Specialist in the Division of Counseling of the National Association of Forensic Counselors, a Certified Social and Behavioral Research Investigator and a Certified Mediator. She is a Licensed Trainer of Trainers in Restorative Practices, a Crime Prevention through Community Engagement and a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design specialist.  She is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology.   Dr. Williams has numerous publications the most recent of which are: 

  • Williams, D. (2018).  Increasing Tribalism and the Quest to get along in Trinidad and Tobago. In Marginality in the Urban Center: Costs and Challenges of Continued Whiteness in the Americas (and Beyond) (Ed. Peary Brug, Zachary Ritter, Kenneth Roth). Palgrave McMillan Publishing

  • Seepersad, R. & D. Williams (2016) Crime and Insecurity in Trinidad and Tobago, Ian Randle Publishers

  • Williams, D. (2016). An assessment of Trinidad and Tobago as a Fragile State. In Fragile States (Ed. Jonathan Rosen) and Hanna Samir Kassab). Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books

  • Williams, D. (2016). Citizen Insecurity in Trinidad and Tobago and the Applicability of the Concept of the Mafia State. In Contemporary Security and Defense Issues in the Caribbean (Ed. Pat Paterson & Walter Earle). William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies National Defense University Press, Washington, D.C

Dr. Williams was involved in the U.S. Dept. of State’s, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) Monitoring and Evaluation of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative.

Director Public Relations & Communications
Lead Facilitator's Bio

Tamara Forde is a  consultant, mediator, counselor, budding criminologist, restorative practices practitioner, behavioural specialist, and former radio broadcaster.


She strives to not only impart knowledge to those she interacts with but also encourage positive behavior change.


She has worked with the Ministry of Education,  Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, T&TEC Estate Constables, and students in varying schools  across St. Patrick East and West, as well as the county of Victoria. She has also had the privilege of working with teachers in East and South East Trinidad as well as  Tobago.

She conducts workshops with churches, schools, and other  business organizations, including but not limited to the Point Fortin Borough Corporation.


Recent publication:

Generating an understanding of police brutality in the small island state of Trinidad and Tobago. 2023. Island Studies Journal 18(1):74-98

Consultancy Experience

  • Qualitative Component of USAID funded Monitoring and Evaluation of Juvenile Justice Reform Project in St. Lucia, St. Kitts/Nevis and Guyana (Team Leader).

  • UNDP-funded/National Drug Council supported research into the role of Women in Crime Hot Spots in Trinidad (Principal Consultant).

  • 2016 UNDP Concept Paper on Juvenile Justice Reform in Trinidad and Tobago (Concept Developer).

  • Reforming the Juvenile Justice System in Trinidad and Tobago, Using a Restorative Justice Philosophy.

  • Parenting Skills Train-the-Trainers workshop for the Tobago House of Assembly to community social workers for roll out to 900 families in 3 months. 

  • Seven Course professional development summer program for 200 school teachers, school counsellors, and school safety officers for the Tobago House of Assembly (Principal Consultant).

  • Evaluations of the INCLE-funded monitoring and evaluation of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) program for 7 small island states (Project Lead/Technical Advisor)  

  • Training / Psycho-Social evaluation of residents and parents of residents at Male Industrial home for the Trinidad and Tobago government.

  • Soft skills training and support to both 1st Division and 2nd Division Police officers, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

  • Developed instrument for evaluative and summative processes, and technical lead for curriculum and training, teaching core and life skills methodologies to build capacity for 300 members of 83 police youth clubs in IADB funded CSP project.

Restorative Practices Training Workshops

  • Day 1 - Intro to Restorative Practices

  • Day 2 - Using Circles Effectively

  • Day 3- 4 Facilitating Restorative Conferencing

Restorative Leadership

Past Projects

  •  IADB funded Intervention in the Justice Sector of Guyana.

  • An Assessment of the Probation and Social Services Department of the Ministry of Social Protection.

  • To develop and implement a Restorative Justice Program in Guyana.​

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